No non-sense upfront pricing.



Do you have a 1 page site in mind? Maybe a landing page or ultra-simplistic portfolio? This is perfect for you. This plan is actually identical to The Usual but it's less work on my end so I'm passing on that saving to you.



This plan works for most people. It covers up to 20 unique pages but is unlimited in bandwidth and storage. It's really the same as the Unlimited plan and is a great way to save a few bucks if your needs are basic.




Go big or go home. With this plan you’ll get an unlimited number of pages, galleries, and blogs as well as unlimited bandwidth, storage, and contributors. It only costs for few more dollars to set up and maintain but it's worth it.




Every plan gets these awesome benefits.

Looking for the full rundown of what’s included with the Squarespace platform?
Check this out and be amazed. Aside from the visible stuff, there’s a ton going on behind the scenes too.

Mobile-Optimized Website

All Squarespace websites are responsively designed and mobile-ready from the start. Your page will look great on any device.

Powerful Website Analytics

Track visits, traffic sources, popular content, mobile usage, site search queries, and much more.

24/7 Customer Support through Squarespace

Every member of the Squarespace Customer Care team is an experienced user and works in their offices. Nothing is ever outsourced.



"Aside from your own rate, what does it really cost?"

Squarespace offers two plans for websites. One is $12 per month if billed annually and the other is $18. There’s more to it than that but let’s keep things simple.

If you already have a domain, then there may be no extra cost. If you’re in need of one, I recommend using and their .com domains are often priced around $13 a year, to give you an idea.



"Ok, tell me straight. what's the best to worst case scenario?"

Please note that these are extremely rough numbers. I'm only providing them to give you a ballpark idea as you're shopping around.

If your needs are simple enough, you could be all set up for $439 or $1,039 for the first year and $144 per year following that.

Looking at the Unlimited plan? It’ll start around $1,139 (and up) for the initial set up and first year but drops to $144 after year one.

"I'm sold, let's talk."

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